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Dog Park Passes

Keep your dog active and fit while enjoying the beautiful Minnesota weather. The L&L dog park has over 3 acres of dog-friendly activities including a swimming pond with dock, training obstacle course, and nature hiking paths. Your dog could only dream of having his or her own backyard this big and adventurous.

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Passes are good for your entire family and all of your dogs!

Vaccination Requirements

All pets visiting Leashes & Leads must have proof of the following vaccinations: DHLPP (Distemper Combo), Rabies, and Bordetella (recommended every 6 months). We also highly recommend your dog receiving a yearly influenza shot, although this is not required. Please provide vaccination records at check-in or have your veterinarian fax the records to Leashes & Leads at (507) 424-1695.

Distemper Combo

Your Pet’s Safety is Our Priority

We want to keep your dogs happy and healthy during their visits at Leashes & Leads! One way we accomplish this is by keeping our intact (un-neutered) male guests separate from our other guests during playtime. Don't worry – they still get to enjoy playtime in our private yards with our staff, but they will not be in play groups.

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