Advanced Obedience With Intro to E-Collar


This class will go into Advanced obedience commands with an intro to using an e-collar, to attend this class your dog must have completed Basic Obedience and have a good foundation of recall and place commands. If your dog has completed an obedience course at another location contact the training department for an evaluation.

You do not have to have an e-collar to attend this class, if you have one bring it on the first night.

As always:

Each class depends on how the class is learning and progressing. Some classes/students will get further in the training than others. All classes are for the dog and owner to have fun. We have lots of hands on and one on one time when needed. The goal of these training classes is a happy balanced relationship.

Things to bring to class:

Your dog (Please bring your Dog with on FIRST DAY of class!)

Flat leash 6 ft long is best (no retractable leashes)

Yummy treats…can be super small, soft is best for easy consumption

Favorite toy if your dog is not treat motivated

Wear comfortable clothes, all classes are working classes.


Start Date:

January 11th 5:30-6:30 pm

$200.00 for 4 weeks

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