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Reliable Recall

Reliable recall is designed to help you improve your dog's come command.

This class will help you and your pooch connect to have a faster  and more reliable come command. You will get lots of individual instruction and our instructors will help you deal with distractions such as food, toys, outdoors and so much more.

L&L Training Center
Mondays at 6 pm & Tuesdays at 7 pm
Class size is limited. Pre-registration is required and payment is due at registration. Call L&L at (507) 282-2710 or email us at
Dog must be 6+ months old at the start date of class. All dogs MUST be non-reactive/aggresive and must have taken an obedience or puppy class prior to attending this class.
Tekla Viker
Monday November 23rd at 6 pm; Tuesday September 29th at 7 pm

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