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Disc Dog Foundations

Does your dog have prey drive, love to chase bunnies, or play a good game of fetch? Then this is the class for you! This is a fun class that is geared towards having you and your dog learn the sport of disc dog! This sport is a great way to physically and mentally exhaust your dog!

Already play disc with your dog? Take this class to step up your game learning new throws, skills and drills, and tricks to incorporate!

Disc Dog Foundations is a great 6 week class to help you and your dog build a strong relationship while learning exciting new skills and playing with discs. In this class you will learn how to throw discs safely for your dog to catch, learn various ways to throw a disc, teach your dog to play with and love discs, learn important skills like retrieve, tug and drop, and learn new tricks that are sure to impress!

Dogs that love to chase or play fetch as well as dogs who love treats will love this sport! This sport is a fun way to interact with your dog while mentally and physically exhausting them so they will snuggle and watch TV with you later.

After completing this foundations course, you may be able to advance on to the disc dog games where we will play various games with the discs for fun or will prepare you for competition.

Dogs of any age can attend this class, the way you throw a disc will be modified for the capabilities of your dog. Your dog must already be in good physical condition if you plan on doing any air catches or high impact tricks.

To advance on to Disc Dogs Games, you must take Body Awareness & Fitness course either prior or concurrently with Disc Dog Foundations, or have an evaluation with Mikaela to be approved.

Please email with any questions.

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Class size is limited. Pre-Registration is required and payment is due at registrations. Call Leashes & Leads at (507) 282-2710.

Basic Obedience, Courteous K9, or Puppy 2

Mikaela Gustafson

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