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Courteous K9

Does your dog struggle with having good manners? Such as having trouble greeting people, enjoying his/her crate, or is begging at the dinner table? This class will help your dog be the most well-mannered pup in the family.

In Courteous K9 your dogs will learn the above essential skills and we will address other problematic behaviors. We will learn skills such as “place”-teaching you dog to stay on a designated area until released. This is a helpful skill that can be used at dinner time, when the door bell rings, etc. Other skills we will learn are greeting people properly, door etiquette, “leave it”, come when called, and loose leash walking.

L&L Training Center
Saturdays at 12pm
$90 for 6 weeks

Class size is limited. Pre-registration is required. Payment is due at registration. Call (507) 282-2710.

Your dog must be able to "sit", "down", and have the beginning knowledge of "stay".

Mikaela Gustafson or Megan Wimer

Saturday at 12pm- TBD

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