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Canine University- Off Campus

Don't have time to train your dog? We can help!

Your dog can live and board in one of our professional dog trainers’ homes, and be treated like part of the family. Your dog will learn specific skills and life skills that address your pet’s unique training needs.

Your dog will have multiple formal training sessions per day as well as general life skills training on how to be an easy to live with dog in the home throughout the day! You will prioritize what behaviors you would like addressed during their training all while keeping your dog feeling like they are at home!

Perhaps you have a new puppy and you are dreading potty training? Tired of all the “naughty” behaviors your pup may be exhibiting such as unwanted chewing, chasing, stealing your food, learning not to bite you, needing proper introduction to nail trims and handling, socialized around well-mannered, trained and stable dogs, etc. or maybe you are dreaming about having that well-trained dog but are unsure you have time to train them to their fullest potential!

Maybe you have a dog that really needs some help with house manners such as they are jumping up all over you and your guests when coming home, jumping up on your counters, begging or stealing food at the dinner table, or simply needing to learn how to relax while you are home!

Or possibly you are envious of the well-trained dogs that listen really well, can be off-leash, and be well-mannered in public places and you want the same!

We have a variety of Off-Campus options so you can find exactly what you are looking for! Choose whether you would prefer your dog to live with a professional trainer for their entire stay, or if you would like to bring your pup home on the weekends when you have more time to play!


Master’s Program- $800 (plus additional boarding charges)

In this 4-week (or 20-day) stay, your pup can become a pro at a variety of behaviors you choose and a longer stay will make the behaviors more habitual, so they will be easier for you to maintain!

Included in this Program:


Bachelor’s Program- $400 (plus additional boarding charges)

In this 2-week (or 10-day) stay, your pup can begin a solid foundation of new skills or improving upon previously learned skills!

Included in this Program:


General’s- Customize and create your own Program!

Boarding (no formal training): $60/day

Boarding additional dog(s): $30/day

Training: $40/day (3 sessions)

Field Trips: $25/trip

Included in this Program:


For further questions, reach out to

Leashes & Leads
While boarding in one of our trainers' homes
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Email to consult with a trainer about this program!

Dog(s) must be approved by trainers Mikaela Gustafson and Morgan Dondlinger, come to a scheduled meet and greet with the trainers to fill out any necessary paperwork.

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