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Body Awareness & Fitness

This class is designed to teach your dog to be aware of where their body is, how to move accordingly to prevent injury, and learn new tricks that have an added benefit of stretching and/or strengthening your dog. This class is a great foundation for high impact sports such as agility or disc dog, learning a fancy pivot heel, or have puppies and want to socialize them to new surfaces and obstacles.

Did you know that most dogs do not know they have a rear end and can move it independently from their front? Not knowing exactly where your body is can lead to injury to our dogs even in a simple game of fetch.

This class is designed to help your dog figure out where their body is, how to move it in way that allows them to navigate obstacles in a safe manner, while also learning new tricks (such as sit pretty, bow, and high five) that have an added benefit of stretching and/or strengthening you dog.

Body Awareness and Fitness will also go over numerous topics the will hep you keep you dog in top physical condition. Some of the topics will include: knowing how to assess your own dogs’ body condition score, learn more about healthy foods, supplements, chiropractic care, physical therapists, and acupuncturist, as well as equipment and tricks the can designed to help keep  your dog in peak physical condition.

This is a great class for all dogs! It is particularly good for people who want to do high impact sports with their dogs (such as agility or disc dog), who need a confidence builder class, who have puppies that need to socialize to new surfaces, obstacles, and tricks. This class is also ideal for those who want to go into a more competitive  obedience class (Rally or Competitive Obedience) as we will teach a pivot heel in this class!

This class is a pre-requisite for upper level agility classes and Disc Dog Games.

Please email with any questions.

L&L Puppy Room
Thur 7:30, Sat 1:30
$80 for 6 weeks

Class size is limited. Pre-registration is required and payment is due at registration. Call Leashes & Leads at (507) 282-2710.

Basics Obedience or Courteous K9

Mikaela Gustafson

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