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Would you like us to help you polish up your dog's training while you're on vacation? Board-N-Train is perfect for you.

While you’re on vacation, schedule some one-on-one training time for you dog. Our professional trainers will pull your four-legged friend out of Playcare time, briefly, to work with them. Maybe they need some refresher sessions to reinforce some previously learned skills, or maybe a behavior problem you need help with. Whatever your dog needs our trainers would love to help.

How it works…a trainer will pull your dog from Playcare group for approximately 10 minute increments per day. On the day they accumulate 30 minutes, the charge will be applied to your Boarding bill.

For example, your dog is boarding with us for the week while your family goes on a fun-filled vacation. Our trainer will pull them out of play time for 10 minutes on three of those days for some one-on-one training. $30.00 will be added to your final bill.

Leashes & Leads Training Center
Weekdays by appointment only
$30.00 per half hour

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