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Agility- Intermediate Handling- 4 weeks

You will have the opportunity to have more practice time on each weeks course, be able to work on specific areas you had difficulty with, or even create your own sequence (cannot move equipment)!

In this class you will have 8 minutes to walk through the course (or create your own sequence with the course that is set), and then time will start where, in a rotating fashion, each person in the class will get 3 minutes to run through the course and practice skills before the next handler. Each dog registered for the class should be able to run at least 3 different times.

There will be little to no instruction for this class, you may ask for the trainers thoughts during your practice time, but mostly will be supervised to ensure everything runs smoothly, on time, and in a safe manner.

This class will be limited to a MAXIMUM of 6 dogs in order to allow time for everyone to get enough practice time!


Please email with any questions.

Agility Training Building
Fridays at 10:30am and 1pm
$75 for 4 weeks

Please make sure you sign up for the correct level of class.

You MUST be a current student, competing in agility, or have completed our 2nd agility class (beginner handling) and have been approved to move up to intermediate to register.

Mikaela Gustafson

Friday 10:30am or 1pm- April 27th

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