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Megan Wimer

K9 Trainer

Megan was born and raised around animals of all different kinds, but from the time she could speak she told her mom she wanted a Golden Retriever. At thirteen years old, the day she finally saved enough money, she went out and bought her first golden and hasn't looked back since. Megan showed horses throughout high school which brought a love for training animals. K9 training is a new passion that that the trainers at Leashes and Leads inspired in her when she came to puppy class with her golden retriever, Xena, during the summer of 2014. Between her background with showing horses, raising dogs, and currently being a elementary teacher, she feels that dog training is a wonderful mix of all the things she loves in life. Her passions include taking the dogs up north to camp and hike, competitive agility, tricks, and just playing around on the farm with the dogs.

Current Courses

Pet parent of


Golden Retriever

Although she is sassy, she is also has the kindest heart. This dog wants nothing more than to please people. As much as she loves to run her agility courses, she lights up most when she's being pet by children or chasing a ball in the lake

Finnick RA

Golden Retriever

Finnick has a gentle spirit and wants to make people happy. He'll take love and affection from a human over a ball or food any day!

Cinder RN

Golden Retriever

Cinder is the newest member to the family and is working hard on her puppy foundations. She is obsessed with any toy you give her and is always up for a good game of tug. We hope to compete in agility in the future!


Golden Retriever

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