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Ethan Hilgemann

K9 Trainer

Ethan’s passion for animals started with Sammy, the Rough Collie, and Quarter, the collie mix he would put jerseys on and play basketball with. He now has two German Shepherd Dogs named Floki and Odin.

His passion for training came from being in the military and observing the amazing ability of Military Working Dogs. His interests include Competitive Obedience, Rally, and Nose Work.

Current Courses

Pet parent of


German Shepherd mix

Floki is a 1 year old German Shepherd mix that currently competes in Nose Work and is soon to be competing in Rally as well.


German Shepherd

Odin is a 4 year old German Shepherd Dog that loves playing Nose Work at home and hiking through fields looking for antler sheds.

Looking out the window and keeping the house safe from the squirrels, is his passion.

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