Below is a library of some of our most frequently requested documents, resources and questions. Please be sure to follow the instructions on each individual document when submitting forms to Leashes and Leads.

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Other Important Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring for my dog on a Boarding stay?

Please bring food (preferably in little serving size baggies), any treats, toys, and medications. Please also bring current vaccination records. Lastly, please bring a collar, leash, and ID tags.

What's included for my dog on a Boarding stay?

We are an all inclusive facility. What this means is that we provide the following for all of our boarding stays:

  • The 3 B’s-Beds, Bowls, and Blankets
  • Medication administration
  • Lots of daily play time in our k-9 turf indoor/outdoor play yards
  • Most importantly..lots of love and care

What are the steps to signing up my dog for Doggy Daycare?

Prior to your dogs’ first day of Playcare, we will need the following steps completed:

  1. Customer and pet profile will need to be completed in our system called Gingr. To do this please click on the Customer Portal link at the top of our website. Gingr recommends not using Internet Explorer/Edge as a browser for this. Other browser options would be Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  2. We will need the following documentation: Current Vaccinations for Bordetella, DHLPP, and Rabies. We will also need the Playcare agreement signed (either through the customer portal or in store).
  3. A mandatory pre-screen must take place prior to the first day. This is about a 10-15 minute temperament test where one of our staff will take your dog to interact with some of our staff dogs to see how they interact.

What is Gingr?

Gingr is Leashes & Leads’ new reservation system. We adopted it in May 2018. Unfortunately, due to some legal limitations, we were unable to automatically transfer all current data from our previous reservations system into Gingr. This forced us to have to manually rebuild our current customer database and reservations system.

One of the newer features of Gingr is the Customer Portal. You can now create and edit your own data in our system. Once you’re added to Gingr, you can requests services from us, view and print out any receipts, add photos of your pet, see any current reservations we have for you, and much more. To access this feature, please click on the Customer Portal link on the top of our website.

NOTE: Gingr is not very compatible with the Internet Explorer/Edge web browsers. They recommend using Chrome, Firefox, and/or Safari.

Weather Cancellations?

Leashes & Leads utilizes the following methods to notify our customer of any weather cancellations for Doggy Playcare, Grooming, and Training Classes.

KTTC News will be notified via TV and their website

Leashes & Leads’ Facebook page

Email and SMS text notifications will go out to all dogs on the list for that day. To receive these alerts, please make sure you “opt in” for email and sms text alerts in the Gingr Customer Portal.