What are you feeding your pet?

We all love our pets and want the very best for them…don’t we? Pets, like people, thrive and have a better quality of life when they are getting proper exercise and nutrition. One of our core values at Leashes & Leads is we are committed to the highest standards of pet care in ALL areas of our services to promote your pets’ health and wellness. A central area we live out this value is in our pet food philosophy. We believe in providing quality pet food options rather than popular, well-marketed “mainstream” brands.

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Free Dog Park Days

Every year Leashes & Leads seeks to provide opportunities for dog owners to consider our private 3+ acre dog park and swim pond as their own at no cost. We hope you will agree that our park is safer and just plain more fun than any other park in the Rochester area, and that it’s well worth the investment for your dog. Also, only available on Free Dog Park days, you will receive $10 off an annual pass purchased in the store. This is the perfect opportunity for you and your 4-legged family member to try out the park and see if it’s a place to call their second home.

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Share your dog park adventures with #LeashesAndLeads

Photos of your dog might be featured on our website!