As of May 1st, Leashes & Leads has instated a new boarding feeding policy. We wanted to clarify what the policy is and why we have put it in place.


There are a few main reasons why we instated this new policy. First, and foremost, is health and safety of the dogs. We have found it to be much better for you, the customer, to measure out feeding portions for your dog as it eliminates potential miscommunication in the check-in process..communication from the owners to Guest Services then to Kennel Staff. It has been our experience that people have varying definitions of what 1 cup or scoop means. The next main reason is to try and keep costs down for our customers. Being a high volume pet facility, you can imagine on a busy weekend of boarding the labor effort it is to feed many dogs and feed them all correct portions specified by the owners. A way to save cost is to ask you, our customer, to portion the food out per feeding so our staff spends less time measuring. The final reason is space. We have limited storage space for each dog, so keeping large containers and bags helps us keep your pet’s belongings together.

What is the new policy?

The new policy is as follows: portion your pets’ food into Ziploc baggies or individual meal containers per serving, per day. Please do not bring large feeding containers or large bags of food. Only bring enough food for your dog’s length of stay. Exceptions to this rule are if your bags would exceed 25+ then please put  food in gallon Ziploc bags or some sort of small container. There may be other exceptions we have not considered, so please feel free to email our resort staff at if you have more specific questions about an upcoming stay. We have provided a food station at the front of the store with baggies, scoops, and supplies if you were not prepared for these new guidelines and would like to not be charged the “feeding fee”. The “feeding fee” is $3 per dog, per day if these guidelines are not followed to help us defray the costs.

We do appreciate your business and helping us provide the best care for your pets.