Facebook Page Sales Events

We are very excited to announce that our Leashes & Leads Facebook Page Sales Events will take place every Wednesday evening starting at 6:00pm. You will be able to make purchases of select items on our Facebook page. Here’s how to buy….

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The benefits of your four-legged friend eating healthier food…

We all love our pets and want the very best for them. Pets, like people, thrive and have a better quality of life when they are getting proper exercise and nutrition. One of our Core Values of Leashes & Leads is we are committed to the highest standards of pet care in ALL areas of our services to promote your pets’ health and wellness. A central area we live out this value is in our pet food philosophy. We believe in providing quality pet foods rather than quantity. What do I mean by that?

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New Playcare & Boarding Add-ons Coming Soon

What is an add-on? We are continually looking for ways to offer more fun and exercise options to your beloved dog and increase the value of our services. An add-on is a great way you can opt to do that. In addition to your boarding or playcare reservation there are several options you can select to better tailor your dogs’ experience here at Leashes & Leads. Do they LOVE to play fetch? Then you may want to add our Dog Park add-on where we will schedule extra fetch time for your pet at our Private Dog Park for only $10. Maybe they love to swim and the Swimming Pond add-on is a better fit for your pooch for only $15.

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